New Product Recommendation --"Quit Mosquito" Mosquito Detector


Product Name: Mosquito repellent and mosquito killer. To abstain from, avoid and eliminate mosquitoes; mosquitoes refer to mosquitoes and mosquitoes; to abstain from mosquitoes is to avoid the suffering of mosquito bites.

Design inspiration source: Great Wall, a historical and cultural relic of China, combines the minimalist design concept of the Human and Biotechnology Company. It means that the mosquito-repelling device has powerful ability to trap mosquitoes and can provide protection and safety to people like a brick on the wall of the home.

Product selling points:

1. Built-in 1800mAH lithium battery, to solve the pain of wire harness winding, mobile use, suitable for no power plug scenes, camping, outdoor fishing, bedroom, office and other scenes. (It can be charged for about 5 hours and charged for about 4 hours)

2. Self-patented pre-compound eye structure, using mosquito phototaxis to trap mosquitoes, pre-positioned true 360-395 nm LED mosquito killer, light source directly emitted, direct light source than the built-in light source to trap mosquitoes increased by 50%-80%, true 360-395 nm wavelength LED than the conventional spectrum blue purple light LED more trapping mosquitoes, the effect increased by 500%. The above data comes from human and biological science and technology laboratory, the laboratory reminds: Visual fatigue is easily caused by long time direct-looking light source.

3. Self-patented slide-type escape-proof nets, small mosquitoes can enter through cracks, large mosquitoes or flies can inhale from the end of the slide, can not escape, the wind is smooth, whether mosquitoes or flies, can not escape.

4. Self-patented tornado air duct, the fan rotates, forms tornado air flow, and inhales mosquitoes into the mosquito confinement room.

5. The self-patented Z-shaped pressurization system forms double wind pressure at the air inlet and double the ability of mosquito trapping. (Data from the Laboratory of Human and Biological Sciences and Technology. Double wind pressure is twice the wind pressure of a tornado duct without a Z-shaped booster system.)

6. Intelligent light control mode, sunrise and sunset.

7. Simple design style, no redundant design, just for mosquito control.

8. Leather rope handle design, easy to carry and hang.

9. Sliding cap closure cover, easy to open, dirty hands, easy to dump mosquito corpses.